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Complete HVAC Bundle

Save REALLY Big and gain instant access to four (4) of our popular online video training courses - Soldering, Electrical, Seal System, and Heat Pump, PLUS the EPA Section 608 Universal Bundle (8 courses in total) for one low-cost.

Four (4) Course Bundle

Save Big and gain instant access to four (4) of our popular online courses - Soldering, Electrical Trouble Shooting, Sealed System, and Heat Pump video training courses for one low-cost, one-time purchase.

Online video training course for EPA Certification Section 608 - Core, Type I, Type II, Type III and Universal.

Take a sneak peak at our online video training courses.

Type I covers small appliances. Tech must pass Core and Type I to be qualified to repair small appliances or have a Universal rating. EPA' s definition of the small appliance is discussed. (Includes Core)

Type II covers the requirements needed when working on high pressure equipment. This information must be known and understood in order to answer many questions that are on the Type II test. (Includes Core)

Type III covers the requirements needed when working on low pressure equipment. This is necessary in order to understand all the test questions in Type III Certification. (Includes Core)

Soldering Course

Learn about low and high temp Solders and Flux; how the different solders work together to bond copper, brass, or steel; the difference between plumbing and HVAC solders; and you will learn how to properly use and apply each solder. 

Electrical Trouble Shooting Course

Learn to troubleshoot the electrical components of the HVAC system.  You will be shown how to troubleshoot and repair thermostats, relays, circuit boards, capacitors, contactors and compressors.  Topics included:  Indoor blower motors, condenser fan motors, and grounded compressors.

Sealed System Trouble Shooting

Learn to properly troubleshoot the Sealed System.  You will learn how the refrigerant flows and what it’s doing inside the system. You will be shown how to check for the proper refrigerant charge.  You will also be shown where all the components of the Sealed System are located, and learn what they do. 

Heat Pump Course

Learn how the HVAC system operates as a heat pump system.  You will be shown how the system runs in reverse and about the reversing valve, extra metering device, outdoor defrost board and sensor, and bi-flow dryer.  You will also be shown how the low voltage is wired to operate the heat pump system.

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New to the trade? Never worked in the heating and air field before? No problem! We will walk you through the entire process. We love to answer your questions and help new students learn how to excel in the HVAC trade.