Two-Day Course Description

It is recommended that each student attend air-conditioning classes (i.e. Sealed System and Electrical Class) or have HVAC field experience before taking this class.


Day One: Since the heat pump is simply an air conditioner running in reverse, on the first day we review and describe the refrigerant flow throughout the system. We explain and/or demonstrate the functions of the extra components of the heat pump system (i.e. the extra metering device, the reversing valve and other components).

The student will learn how to troubleshoot leaks or low charges, restrictions, low capacity compressors, and air movement problems. By the end of the first day, the student should have a basic understanding of the heat pump system and how to properly troubleshoot and repair the system. The student will experience a hands-on lab in class.


Day Two: We will have a quick review of Day One. We will teach the electrical components in detail. Thermostats, auxiliary heating (gas or electrical) will also be covered.

Since the unit is operating in cold weather it will form frost. We have to have a way to defrost the system. The student will learn how to initiate a defrost cycle for proper troubleshooting.

The Student will learn how to properly wire the heat pump and will perform a hands-on lab of diagnosing and wiring heat pumps. They will also take superheat readings with pressures and temperatures.


A graduation ceremony with certificates will close out the second day.


Interested In On-Site Training?

New to the trade? Never worked in the heating and air field before? No problem! We will walk you through the entire process. We love to answer your questions and help new students learn how to excel in the HVAC trade.